Disney's brief encounter with black and white


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Under the direction of Pixar genius John Lasseter, Disney Animation Studios has managed to get some of its swagger back with films such as Tangled and next month’s Wreck-It Ralph.

Further proof of the House of Mouse’s confidence came in the online release of Paperman, a wonderful six-minute black-and-white short with hints of Brief Encounter.  

Directed by John Kahrs, an animator on some of Pixar’s greatest hits, the half-hand-drawn, half-CGI film tells the story a couple who meet on a train platform in mid-century New York, lose each other and are reunited thanks to a fleet of paper aeroplanes. The short, which airs in cinemas before Wreck-It Ralph (à la Pixar’s Luxo Jr lamp film) is worth the admission price alone. It’s up for a Best Animated Short Oscar. Watch it in full here: bit.ly/disneypaperman