Disney's Frozen is 'very evil' gay propaganda, says Christian pastor

Kevin Swanson calls Disney 'one of the most pro-homosexual organisations'

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Disney’s hit movie Frozen encourages homosexuality and bestiality. Or at least, that’s what one Christian pastor thinks.

Pastor Kevin Swanson of the Reformation Church, who hosts a Christian radio show in Colorado and insists he is not a "tinfoil hat conspiratorialist", described the animated film as "very evil" and denounced Disney as "one of the most pro-homosexual organisations in the country".

"You wonder sometimes if maybe there’s something very evil happening here," he said. "I wonder if people are thinking: ‘You know I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way’.”

Swanson went on to attack the studio, claiming that if he were the Devil wanting to do something “really, really, really evil” to young children in US Christian families, he would “buy Disney in 1984”.

Swanson, who believes Christians will one day be burned at the stake by homosexuals, is not the first to label Disney’s films as pro-gay propaganda. His rant was inspired by a blog entitled ‘So, How Gay is Disney’s Frozen’ on the National Catholic Register, in which film critic Steven D Greydanus argues Frozen is full of “gay culture themes”.

Greydanus argues that the Oscar-winning song “Let It Go” shows lead character Elsa “celebrating her acceptance of her true identity” and essential “coming out”, while her lack of interest in male suitors implies lesbianism.


As for the so-called bestiality, Greydanus points to a line in the film’s “Fixer Upper Song” about hunter Kristoff's relationship with Sven the reindeer: “His thing with the reindeer/That’s a little outside of nature’s laws!”

Southern Baptist university professor Collin Garbarino has contradicted his fellow Christians’ viewpoints,arguing that Frozen might be a “better allegory for the Christian gospel than CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”.

His reason? The character of Anna is a Christ-like figure, relentlessly trying to redeem her older sister Elsa from bewitchment.

Garbarino’s church will likely call blasphemy on his opinion, after the denomination boycotted Disney for eight years in the Nineties for what they saw as the studio’s promotion of a “gay agenda”.

Frozen has been a worldwide success for Disney, recently becoming the second animated feature ever to cross the $1 billion mark at the global box office, after Toy Story 3.