Doc Brown returns in new Back to the Future short film

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Christopher Lloyd has donned Doc Brown’s iconic lab coat once more, starring in a teaser trailer for a new Back To the Future short film celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original.

Doc emerges from the DeLorean in the brief clip before tinkering with some new drone gadgetry. 

The full live-action short Doc Brown Saves The World will feature on the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray & DVD, which is coming out on 21 October.

Why 21 October, 2015? Because that’s the exact date Marty McFly and Jennifer travel forward to in Part II (meaning, if it’s vision of 2015 was correct, we have less than a month to create a fully-working hoverboard).


A host of anniversary releases are being lined up, including Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures, a combo of the trilogy and animated series with Flux Capacitor packaging.

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A new documentary looking back on the franchise’s legacy, Back in Time, will also premiere on 21 October.