Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson says Marvel are going 'darker' (despite it not working for DC)

'There is no straight horror in the movie, but it is a bit darker and more serious'

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Excitement for Marvel’s upcoming instalment in their cinematic universe, Doctor Strange, is reaching fever pitch as yet more trailers hit the internet.

Scott Derrickson, the film’s director, recently took to Reddit to answer some fan questions, revealing more about the upcoming project. Notably, he spoke about how his past in horror will affect the tone of Doctor Strange

“There is no straight horror in the movie, but it is a bit darker and more serious than other Marvel movies,” he wrote on the web forum. “I think the connection between my horror films and this film is the balance of the supernatural/fantastical with very realistic, grounded characters.”

Interestingly, the recent spate of DC films was heavily criticised for having a darker tone, with Warner Bros. admitting their superhero blockbusters may have been too dark. Perhaps Marvel are attempting to take the middle ground between the two? 

Derrickson also spoke about the film’s villain, played by Mads Mikkelsen, explaining how he hopes the character will stand out from other Marvel creations. 

“What I wanted was a villain driven by a compelling agenda,” the director wrote. “He is a man of ideas. He has a cogent, defendable point of view, which is what I always find interesting in antagonists and villains.”

Meanwhile, in other superhero news, Sony bosses have said that further Spider-Man spinoffs are on the way - ones that may not be related to the Marvel universe at all.