Dude Where's My Tip? Ashton Kutcher fails to tip for £8 haircut in Somerset

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Even big LA celebrities like to get their barnet trimmed at a local barber from time to time.

Ashton Kutcher has been spotted having his locks cut at a humble haircutting establishment in Somerset. It might have only cost him £8, but the Dude Where’s My Car star failed to leave a tip.

Jim Clayton, who owns the barbers in Bridgwater, said he was dismayed when Ashton's girlfriend Mila Kunis paid with a £10 note and kept the change.

He claimed to have stayed open late especially to accommodate the couple, who are in town while Kunis films new sci-fi thriller Jupiter Ascending, but his goodwill was not reciprocated despite tipping being common practice in the US.

Clayton admits he did not recognise Kutcher and Kunis, and said the couple weren’t open to conversation, only revealing that they lived in Los Angeles.

“He did not really talk that much, but Mila sat with my dog Bailey on her lap. She fell in love with my dogs, but the conversation was not very interesting. They asked me where I was from and they said they were both from Los Angeles. But they did not admit what they did,” Clayton said.

The hairdresser only realised who the couple were when he got home and talked to his wife, who told him the Hollywood actors had been seen in the local area.

He told Metro: “I asked her to get a picture of them up on the computer. I noticed it was them straightaway. It was funny because I watched Ted a couple of weeks ago but I still did not realise who she was.

“When I found out, I started to wish I had put a couple more zeros on the end of the bill! I have never cut a celebrity’s hair before and not many famous people come to Bridgwater.”