Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to save America from giant wolf, lizard and gorilla in Rampage film

Movie will be based on 80s arcade game

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Dwayne Johnson absolutely will not stop making movies. He is now attached to star in a live-action version of 80s Midway arcade game Rampage.

The film is set to go into production in summer 2016, according to Deadline, and though there aren't any plot details yet, we can safely assume it will follow a similar narrative to the game, which sees three giant kaiju -  a wolf, lizard and gorilla – wreak havoc on various American cities.

The Rock is going to punch them all. All of them, really hard in the face.

Johnson will re-team with New Line and producer Beau Flynn for the movie, having proven successful together on San Andreas which has taken $415 million at the box office worldwide thus far.

The script will come from Ryan Engle (Non-Stop) though there is no word on a director yet.

Johnson will film Rampage after he is done with Fast & Furious 8. He has been firing out action movies at a terrifying speed of late, currently filming Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart and Aaron Paul.