Emmanuel Macron election victory praised by Hollywood as 'a win for sanity and light'

The arts world has been critical of opponent Marine Le Pen throughout the campaign

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Emmanuel Macron has been elected the President of France after beating extreme right National Front leader Marine Le Pen in a victory being hailed by the entertainment word as one for “light and sanity.”

The 39-year-old independent centrist - who will be the country's youngest ever President - won with an estimated 65.1% of the vote. Addressing crowds outside the Pyramide du Louvre, Macron said: “We will not give in to fear, to division, to lies, to a love of decline or defeat“ revealing he will do all he can for Le Pen voters to ensure they have no further reason to vote for extremism. 

“It is Europe and the world who are watching us,“ he stated.

French crowd goes wild as Macron is announced as new president

Following the victory, Hollywood reacted with an outpouring of positivity following a run of votes that have seen extremism favoured. The world of arts has been anti-Le Pen throughout the contentious campaign.

Macron's win will see a rather different Cannes Film Festival, an event which would have seen a dark sound descend if Le Pen had won.

The Festival is due to begin on 17 May.