Ethan Coen pens Donald Trump open letter demanding he be named poet laureate

Lately, the director has been busy writing anti-Trump poetry

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Since Donald Trump was named President of the United States, many people have enacted their personal coping mechanisms. Ethan Coen's strategy could be the greatest.

The director, one-half of filmmaking duo the Coen Brothers, has been writing extremely tongue-in-cheek anti-Trump poetry for The Huffington Post. In fact, he's written quite a few that he now thinks Trump should name him the US poet laureate - and he's written an open letter to the President asking him to make it happen.

“The Obama poet laureates were, quite frankly, a disaster,” Coen wrote, channeling his inner Trump. 

“Under their leadership, very weak, much American poetry has failed even to rhyme. That’s like a chicken dinner failing to have chicken. My poetry, on the other hand, always rhymes - and that’s one reason why, when current Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera is deported, I should be considered to replace him.”

You can read the full open letter here.

The Coen Brothers' latest film was Hail, Caesar! which was released last April. They are currently finishing a draft script of the Scarface remake that'll star Rogue One actor Diego Luna.

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Their next directorial project will be TV Miniseries The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.