'Every film studio title sequence played simultaneously' feels like a cinema got drunk

A glorious, maddening 27 seconds

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Because we're just not bombarded with enough content these days, please enjoy this supercomposition video of every major Hollywood studio intro overlaid with each other.

Entitled 'All Studios Everything' and made by Art404, the video opens with the iconic Paramount stars before bursting through the Lionsgate gates, with Universal, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Columbia, Disney, Miramax, Tristar, Relativity Media and more then joining to create a mildly terrifying crescendo.

Given that the Universal globe turning alone is enough to create that 'yay I am about to feast on this movie' feeling, all the sequences jammed together amounts to a grandiosse, overwhelming and quite thrilling 27 seconds.

Speaking to the glut of content being created these days and its disposability, these superimposed videos are slowly becoming a thing.

Back in January, someone on YouTube laid every episode of Friends on top of each other to create some babbling, Dadaist nightmare.