Exclusive clip: new horror The Other Side of the Door delivers major scares

Frights aplenty await a mourning father in this clip from Johannes Roberts' chilling new horror 

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How far would you go to be reunited with one you've lost? Even if it were just for the briefest of moments?

That's the premise behind chilling new horror The Other Side of the Door, which sees a young mother (The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies) struggling with the tragic death of her son. Seeking consolation in ancient ritual, she journeys to a local Indian temple; a sacred place where the barriers between the living and the dead grow thin.

It's there she inadvertently opens the door to the world of the dead, upsetting the balance and unleashing the wrath of the terrifying figure of Myrtu (Crimson Peak's Javier Botet).

Written and directed by Johannes Roberts, this chilling tale takes rich inspiration from Indian folklore for a film concealing a host of tricks and scares up its sleeves. Just like what awaits the deceased boy's father (Clueless' Jeremy Sisto) in our exclusive clip. 

"I love stories that deal with the forbidden," Roberts said. "Don't go up in the attic, don't feed the gremlins after midnight – when you’re wondering what's going to happen and when is it going to happen."

The Other Side of the Door hits UK theatres 4th March.