Charlize Theron doesn't understand why Vin Diesel keeps talking about their kiss scene in The Fate of the Furious

'It looks like I'm assaulting his face with my mouth'

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Charlize Theron has said she doesn't understand why Vin Diesel keeps talking about their kiss scene in The Fate of the Furious during the film's press tour. 

Appearing on The Ellen Show, the actress seemed slightly exasperated as she spoke about the moment, which Diesel has described as the "biggest moment in trailer history". 

Theron plays Cipher in the film, a cyber terrorist who successfully turns Diesel's character against his family. The kiss scene is essentially Theron's character forcing Diesel to press his lips against hers. 

Yet he told USA Today: "Do I know she enjoyed it? Oh, my God, yeah. A kiss cannot lie, lips don't lie. No, they didn't. She OWNED it."

Struggling to contain her laughter as Ellen asked about her version of events, she replied that Diesel's account was "insane".

"I just don't get it," she said. "He's literally going around saying that I had the best time of my life. 

"I like a little more movement in my men. It looks like a forceful kiss. It looks like I'm assaulting his face with my mouth."

Diesel recently suggested that rumours of a feud between him and co-star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson had been put to bed, stating: "In my house, he's uncle Dwayne".

Johnson also suggested that, while there may have been a fall-out, focusing on making a great film for fans of the franchise had helped him to maintain a good perspective.

"All the other stuff kind of just has a way of working itself out," he told Entertainment Tonightappearing to address the recent speculation.

"Just like in life, you have different philosophies and people have different fundamental philosophies on how you do things," he added. "And again, the most important thing is the movie."

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