Fellini's La Dolce Vita to get modern-day remake because nothing is sacred

Here's hoping Baz Luhrmann doesn't get a hold of it

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The creators of Back To The Future recently said that a reboot of the film won't happen until they are dead, cautioning: "And then I’m sure they’ll do it, unless there’s a way our estates can stop it."

Today, Federico Fellini's estate relents, allowing a remaking of his classic film La Dolce Vita.

"We've been approached countless times and asked to consider everything from remakes and reimaginings to prequels and sequels. We knew it would take very special producers and compelling circumstances to motivate the family to allow rights to be optioned," Fellini’s niece Francesca Fellini said in a statement.

La Dolce Vita won the Palme d'Or in the year it was made, 1960, and still consistently makes 'best films of all time ' lists, with lush visuals and a muted tone.

Its story of a journalist writing for gossip magazines over seven days in Rome is to be re-imagined in the modern day, according to Variety. Who knows what shape this will take, I'm imagining a TMZ reporter in Magaluf.

Andrea Iervolino, of Rome-based firm AMBI Group which has bought the rights to the film, promises it will stay true to the original's style.

"All of the elements that made ‘La Dolce Vita’ an instant classic will be ingredients in this new film," he said. "Our vision is of a contemporary story every bit as commercial, iconic and award-worthy as the original."

The move is perhaps spurred by the success of Paolo Sorrentino's (excellent) The Great Beauty, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2014 and was heavily-influenced by the film.