Fifty Shades of Grey movie must watch: Extended trailer released during Golden Globes

Anastasia Steele gets brought round to mum and dad’s house

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An extended version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer has been released.

Anastasia Steele gets brought round to mum and dad’s house, and that’s pretty much it for new content.

Anastasia thinks she's got Christan Grey all figured out

There’s a bit more of her looking awkward and endearing, and him looking at her like a hungry wolf, starving lion, etc.

Hi Rita Ora

"Some people who say that I don’t have a heart," he mutters to her in an interview, being all dark and misunderstood.

Probably the kinkiest scene shown so far – Christian Grey kissing Anastasia’s leg – is featured again along with the famous ice-cube-melting-down-her-stomach bit.

She twirls around in a kitchen to find that *gasp* he’s there watching her.

"What are you doing to me?" he mutters.

The trailer ends with the couple face-to-face at an airport.


"Where have you been?" Christian asks Anastasia.

"Waiting," she says huskily.

In other 50 Shades news, the official rating for the film has been released: it's been rated R for "graphic nudity" and "unusual behaviour" - so any teenagers in America wanting to see it will have to be accompanied by an adult.

Fifty Shades of Grey is out on 13 February 2015.