Film: What’s scarier than a shark? A shark tornado!


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It’s easy to see the logic behind Sharknado, a new film being touted to distributors at the Cannes film market: why have one just outlandish threat, when you can have two?

Starring the, er, consistent actress Tara Reid, the strapline “Enough said” should explain it, but here is the official synopsis anyway: “When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorise the waterlogged populace. And when the high-speed winds form tornadoes in the desert, nature’s deadliest killer rules water, land, and air.”

If the ludicrous-sounding Sharknado finds success, expect even more genre mash-up movies (Fire Twister was also doing the rounds in Cannes). Here at Trending we would like to pitch Grizzcano – where a dormant volcano suddenly erupts, forcing the grizzly bears who live inside to come out, leaving locals facing a double threat.