First Mila Kunis, now Jennifer Aniston: Radio 1 presenter Chris Stark talks to the Friends star about strippers in Prague


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Following on from his memorable interview with actress Mila Kunis, where he discussed downing 'lad bombs' and watching football, Radio 1 presenter Chris Stark has done it again.

Stark spoke to Friends star Jennifer Aniston about her new film using his distinctive interview style, where he completely veered off topic, discussed his local football team Watford, and eventually became the one answering the questions rather than asking them.

Aniston was promoting her new film We're the Millers in which she plays a stripper. Stark was quick off the mark to ask her about how much research was involved in the role and whether she had gone to strip clubs in the Czech Republic.

Aniston brushed off the question saying: 'I did that in my twenties' and 'it was all in my head'. It appears that Aniston was initially somewhat miffed by Stark's line of questioning but eventually got on board with it and taking on the role of the interviewer.

She asked Stark about his experiences of going to a strip club in Prague to which he replied: 'It was good. It was an odd experience because they offered a steak meal whilst the people danced.'

Aniston probed him further: 'So you're eating steak and getting a lap dance? Or just watching them on stage?'

Stark said: 'Yeah, just watching them on stage. It sort of worked. It was very different to how you played it, you were amazing.'

The interview then moved on to Aniston's name, which is an anagram of 'finer not in jeans', before returning to the film. At the end of the interview Stark presented Aniston with a personalised Watford shirt.

Stark shot to fame earlier this year after a video of him interviewing actress Hollywood star Mila Kunis went viral, getting over 11 million views on YouTube.

In his interview with Kunis, the Radio 1 presenter asked the actress what it was like to play an ugly character before going off on a tangent about watching football and going to the pub. He even invited her to be his plus one at a friend's wedding.

The interview proved to be so popular that Kick-Ass actress Chloe Grace Moretz quoted some of it when she recently appeared on Radio 1.

Chris Stark interviews Mila Kunis:

Chloe Grace Moretz on Radio 1: