From #lesnipplerables to #tripgate: Your 140 character reviews of the Oscars 2013


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Anne Hathaway’s pert nipples caused a stir on twitter with #annehathawaysnipples trending during the awards.

Harry Styles came out in favour of Jennifer Lawrence, tweeting “Jennifer Lawrence needs to win tonight” (could she be his next romantic target?) which was retweeted 86,380 times. A backlash then erupted after claims were made that “Harry Styles made Jennifer Lawrence famous.”

There was a lot of gushing from fans about Ben Affleck’s acceptance speech when he said that his marriage to Jennifer Garner was “work but the best kind of work”. And it seemed nobody wanted to slate record- breaker Daniel Day-Lewis. Zooey Deschanel and Ed Sheeran were among celebrities tweeting congratulations to the British actor.


Anne Hathaway's stylist should be fired for not forcing her to wear pasties! HELLO NIPPLES!!! #Oscars


If you were offended by either Seth MacFarlane's jokes or Anne Hathaway's nipples, then you are a pathetic waste of life.


Anne Hathaway's nipples are wearing a lobster bib by Prada.


Whenever you are feeling embarrassed, just remember Jennifer Lawrence tripped on national tv and lives in the age of Internet memes.


Jennifer Lawrence: women love her, men fancy her, she trips endearingly on stairs, rocks Dior Haute Couture & pronounces it funny. Job done


Jennifer Lawrence needs to win an Oscar tonight..


“harry styles made jennifer lawrence famous” and im obama's white child


Am I the only one who thinks Ben Affleck's gonna be in a lot of trouble at home for telling the world his marriage is “A LOT of work”?!


I never thought I'd see the day when Ben Affleck was cooler than Matt Damon.


Well done Ben Affleck for mentioning the “friends in Iran in a terrible circumstance”. This my friends is class. Bravo #Argo


Is it weird that I want to be a part of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's marriage?


Daniel Day Lewis is making some solid jokes!


Daniel Day-Lewis is so Method, he actually had his face photoshopped on every five dollar bill in his wallet. #Oscar2013


Okay, I grudgingly admit Daniel Day-Lewis made the right decision to star in “Lincoln” instead of “Piranha 3DD”


Life of Pi has won exactly 3.141596 awards tonight.


“Life of Pi” is actually an allegory about Obama and the Republicans. A nice guy trapped on a boat with a wild, nearly extinct animal.


How many years do you think it will be until The Life of Pi is completely forgotten? Two years or three whole years?


Ang Lee is the Academy's One Asian Friend