From Trekkie to Chewbacca? JJ Abrams ‘to direct Star Wars Episode VII’

Is the director leaving Starfleet to boldly go to a galaxy far, far away?

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The director of the new Star Trek film will be moving galaxies to deliver Star Wars Episode VII according to reports.

JJ Abrams, who directed Star Trek in 2009 and the film’s sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, which is scheduled for release in May, has been given the job of directing the next Star Wars film according to industry reports.

Unspecified sources have confirmed his appointment in Deadline (“It’s done deal with J.J.,” a source said) and The Hollywood Reporter notes he is "in talks" and "negotiating" the deal.

Star Wars Episode VII has already appeared on Abrams’ IMDB page.

It will be the first Star Wars film to be made since Disney acquired the franchise from creator George Lucas’ company for $4bn last October.

Star Wars Episode VII is due for release in 2015.

An additional two films are being planned by Disney. Lucas himself won't be writing the scripts but he is expected to provide treatments for all three.

Michael Arndt who wrote Toy Story 3 is due to pen the screenplays for the trilogy.

Disney executives are planning to release the follow-ups "every two to three years" after the Episode VII.

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