Frozen Fever trailer reviewed by someone who's never seen Frozen

Nor heard 'Let It Go'

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The first trailer for short film Frozen Fever has dropped, Disney's attempt to drain the last drops of sanity out of parents around the world.

I haven't seen the original, but this is a kids' film it can't be hard to work out what's going on right? Let's take a look...

It seems to be some lady's birthday


For some reason she's chosen to spend it with a moose, an 80s lumberjack and some kind of snowman/air freshener hybrid who appears to be rabid and foaming at the mouth


Oh, the snowman guy has been eating cake. That explains his face, but not why he has the voice of a P.E. teacher only forgotten after years of therapy


Apparently Anna is actually this girl, not the the lady in blue with ice powers about to give her a terrifying wake up


Who else is coming to the party?

Apparently a jolly Swede, he seems nice


And this guy who looks like he's made of nightmares. What kind of hellish birthday party is this?!


End trailer. I have no idea what just happened but I hope the hyperactive moose and the air freshener get it together