Game of Thrones star blamed for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials cast being 'cursed' by Native American burial ground

Thomas Brodie-Sangster took an arrowhead home despite being told it was bad luck

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster is being blamed by his The Scorch Trials co-stars for angering the spirits of a Native American burial ground.

The Game of Thrones actor was filming a "climactic scene" on the ancient site when he decided to take home an arrowhead for his mum. Next thing the cast knew, five members "dropped".

Director Wes Ball told Radio Times that the movie suffered a "crazy" amount of bad luck, but actress Kaya Scodelario was not so easily convinced that it was all just a rubbish coincidence.

"Ki-Hong Lee had appendicitis - he had surgery! Barry Pepper broke his ankle. I went into hospital for dehydration - just before my pivotal scene, I'd spent the night in hospital, and I went straight to set," she said.

"We were told [on arrival at the burial ground] that we weren't allowed to pick up any rocks or arrowheads or artefacts because it would bring bad luck. But Thomas picked up an arrowhead and took it home to his mum, and then the next day five of us ended up in hospital. I think it's all his fault. The film was haunted - it was cursed!"


The Scorch Trials is in cinemas now, with the first film making a whopping $350 million at the global box office despite its low budget and lack of big name stars.