Gary Oldman gives anti-Thanksgiving message to Americans: 'I'm glad you're not British'

The actor joked that Thanksgiving 'hurt British people's feelings'

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In true British curmudgeonly style, Gary Oldman has delivered an anti-Thanksgiving message on behalf of the UK.

The actor, who gave his speech on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, said he was “pleased Americans weren’t British anymore”.

Standing in a traditional-looking American home surrounded by a Thanksgiving spread, Oldman said: “Hello, I’m the Englishman Gary Oldman with a special holiday message for my American friends.

“This year as you consume your annual feast of Thanksgiving consider this, you’re hurting our feelings.

“Not only did you flee our country to avoid paying taxes you now pay so willingly, you rub our faces in it with a big fat food orgy.

“We get it, you’re thankful to be rid of us, but, guess what? We’/ re glad you’re not British anymore. The pilgrims were the whiniest sots in history…Well f**k off and good riddance, you bunch of honey boo boos!”

He then smashes up the feast around him, before saying to camera: “God save the Queen”.

The actor, who has starred in The Dark Knight and Harry Potter, is due to appear in the Robocop remake as Dr Dennett Norton next year.