Get Out movie: Director Jordan Peele discusses black and white people experiencing the film differently

I had to recognise that black people would be watching this movie and having a different experience'

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Surprise hit Get Out is a unique kind of horror, in which the fear at the centre of it isn’t the paranormal or the dark but racism.

We can all relate to others’ situation of course, but the film has a unique poignancy for black viewers, as protagonist Daniel visits his white girlfriend’s parents and has to smile through their overbearing, creepy attempts to show progressive they are.

Director Jordan Peele was conscious of the fact Get Out would play differently to audiences varying in ethnicity.

He told NPR:

"This was an exercise in ... making a movie that is meant to be inclusive. ... In any good story, whoever you are, you should be able to relate to the protagonist. At the same time, I had to recognize that black people would be watching this movie and having a different experience ... than white people would. ...

Get Out - Trailer

"Often when I thought about a specific scene or a specific moment I'd think, I hope the black audience here is [saying] 'You know what? This is my experience. I've never seen it done in film like this, that's awesome.' And at the same moment I might recognize that there would be a lot of white people who would watch the scene and either recognize these moments as something that maybe they've done, or that they've seen someone do."

Get Out opens in UK cinemas 17 March. You can read our review here.