Godzilla teaser trailer offers first glimpse of monster

The creature has remained hidden in previously released trailers

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Fans have been given their first sneak peek of the monster in the forthcoming Godzilla film.

In a 30-second teaser trailer uploaded to YouTube on Friday, viewers got a tantalising snippet of the creature at the very end of the clip. The huge lizard-like creature roars into the air as it wreaks havoc on a city.

So far the makers of the new Godzilla film have held off from showing too much of the creature, choosing to show the devastation left in the wake of the monster instead.

In previous trailers, the lizard-like creature has been shrouded in mystery, usually hidden in the shadows or dust and debris.

Godzilla has been directed by Gareth Edwards, who is best known for his film Monsters, and stars Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Arron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe and Elizabeth Olsen.

Godzillla is about a radioactive monster that is wreaking havoc on Earth and must be stopped. The new film marks the 60th anniversary of the original Japanese film, which was released in 1954, and will serve as a re-boot for the monster movie franchise.

Godzilla will be released in cinemas this year on May 16.