Golden Globes: Tom Hanks did a Denzel Washington impression and Denzel loved it

Washington was the recipient of this year's honorary Cecil B. DeMille award

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Doing impressions can be risky at the best of times, but especially so when attempting to perform one in front of the entirety of Hollywood. Well, not for Tom Hanks.

On stage to present Denzel Washington with the Cecil B. DeMille award at last night's Golden Globes in LA, Hanks took to the stage and used the opportunity to show off his impression of the 61-year-old Training Day actor.

"I'm gonna treat you all like Denzel would treat you," Hanks began, before launching into a commendable attempt.

The best thing of all is that nobody loved it more than Washington himself.

Before handing over the award, Hanks gave a graceful speech in which he likened Washington, whom he co-starred with in 1993 film Philadelphia, to Hollywood greats, old and new.

"Brando; Clift; Poitier; McQueen; Hoffman; Pacino; De Niro," Hanks reeled off, before continuing: "Now the cliche 'the list goes on-and-on' does not apply here - because it doesn't."

The list is finite; the club is exclusive. But it includes the actor who's being given the Cecil B. DeMille award tonight."

As great as the speech was though, it never seemed to reach the heights of the impression. Not for Denzel, anyway - just look at that reaction.

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