Gordon Ramsay goes from Kitchen Nightmare to Hollywood? He will teach Bradley Cooper to cook for upcoming film Chef (and will make a cameo)


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Gordon Ramsay will reportedly give Hollywood star Bradley Cooper a “crash course in cookery” for his role in the upcoming film Chef.

Cooper will prepare for his role by receiving one-on-one kitchen tuition from TV chef Ramsay, who will reportedly serve as a “ consultant” on the film, The Sun reports.

A source told the newspaper: “Gordon’s going to be giving Bradley a crash-course in cookery and teaching him some flash tricks like knife-work so Bradley looks like an experienced chef.

“Gordon jumped at the chance to be involved in this. He has a lot of showbiz pals in LA through being mates with the Beckhams. So it was only a matter of time before he got involved in the movie business out there.”

The two are reported to be linked because they share the same agency in LA, the Creative Artist’s Agency.

Ramsay might even land a small role in the film, which charts the rise of a chef who destroys his career with drugs before opening a Michelin starred restaurant.

“He’s used to being in front of the camera, so who knows? A cameo in Chef would be the perfect starts of he wanted to dip his toe into acting,” said the source.

But the potential on-screen role won’t be Ramsay’s first brush with Hollywood. The Hell’s Kitchen chef previously made an appearance in the 2011 film Love’s Kitchen, a flop British romcom dubbed a “non-com” by the Independent’s Anthony Quinn.

Watch Ramsay's role in the flop "non-com" Love's Kitchen below: