Grand Budapest Hotel gives Wes Anderson his first $100 million-grossing movie

Film reached top of UK box office

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Wes Anderson, one of the few auteurs we have left, has finally scored a $100 million-grossing movie with his vibrant farce The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Box office success has never really seemed to be Anderson's goal, such is his unyielding idiosyncratic style, but the movie's success must be a nice affirmation of his cinematic vision all the same.

The Ralph Fiennes- starring comedy has now taken $103 million (£61 million) at cinemas worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo, a big jump from his second most successful film The Royal Tenenbaums ($71 million) and his third Moonrise Kingdom ($68 million).

It tells the story of a concierge and his trusted lobby boy at an opulent, candy-coloured hotel, also featuring long-serving Wes Anderson collaborators like Adrien Brody, Billy Murray, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman.

The film reached the top of the UK box office in its fourth week, beating racing video game adaptation Need For Speed.