Hollywood: Variety's daily edition gets ankled


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Famous film trade mag Variety is adapting for the web by killing off its daily print edition in favour of a once-a-week edition and removing its online paywall. In its honour here are some of its best inside-Hollywood lexicographical inventions (dubbed slanguage):

Whammo/boffo/socko – a sensation/outstanding/very good

Oater – a Western (what horses eat)

Chopsocky – martial arts movie

Cleffers – songwriters

Self-distribbed – independently distributed

Cume – cumulative total

A click – a hit

Ducats – tickets

Ankle – to be fired

The Lion – MGM

Kudoscast – awards show

(The) o.o. – the onceover

Percenter – agent

Solon – an authority (from Athenian lawgiver, Solon)

Topline(r) – to star (the star)