Horns, reviews round-up: Daniel Radcliffe is having a Halloween nightmare

Most critics have panned the new horror-comedy and given it two stars

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Daniel Radcliffe seems to be having a bit of a nightmare this Halloween, with film critics widely panning his new scary movie, Horns.

The British actor, 25, stars as clean-cut young man Ig Perrish who is accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend Merrin, played by Juno Temple.

Ig has horns growing on his head that hint at what might be his devilish nature and provoke those around him to spill their darkest secrets.

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But while the concept seemed promising, reviews have been far less positive, with The Independent describing Horns as "sprawling and wildly uneven" despite Radcliffe's own “strong performance”. 

Alexandre Aja's film earned just two stars from many publications, including Rolling Stone, who describes the black comedy as "narratively weak" and "cheap".

The Mirror brands Horns a "dreary low-budget affair" that is "less spine chilling and more eyebrow drooping" while the New York Observer's harsh critique calls it "laughably nonsensical", "borderline unwatchable" and pronounces Ig as Radcliffe's "worst role yet".

The New York Times has been kinder, admiring Aja's "lurid, hysterical visual sensibility" but wishing it was "employed in a more coherent movie", while The Wrap is unusual in praising the "potent chemistry" between the lead stars and insists that the cast strikes "just the right tone".

Another good review comes, surprisingly, from The Hollywood Reporter, who commends "generally excellent effects" and Radcliffe's ability to "take to this vengeful-demon stuff with relish".

Digital Spy, however, thinks Horns is a "misjudged horror", The Guardian bemoans Radcliffe's "devilishly dull" portrayal despite a "few laughs and sharp moments" and The Telegraph concludes that the film "lacks any real bite".

But tonight is both Halloween, and a Friday, making the chances of Horns under-performing at the box office slim. Perhaps swapping Harry Potter for some horns will prove a wise choice from Radcliffe after all.