Inbetweeners sequel film confirmed for August 2014

Creators confirm the sequel is 'DEFINITELY happening'

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Simon, Will, Jay and Neil will be back on the big screen next year in another cringeworthy attempt to pull girls and drink themselves to oblivion in the name of looking cool.

The show’s creators have announced that an Inbetweeners sequel is “definitely happening” and is due for release in cinemas in early August 2014.

Set two years on from the last film, the boys (or Will and Simon at least) will be enjoying their university summer holiday before the world of mortgages, student loan repayments and 9-5 working days finally hit.

Will Simon have ditched the hair gel? Will Neil still be getting lucky  behind the cheese counter in ASDA?

The show's creators confirmed the news on Facebook, but said they were unable to reveal any more details.

The post said: “ Dearest Facebook fwends - Beebedy beep beep - time for an Inbetweeners sequel update.

"As promised, you are now the first to know 'officially' that there's a new Inbetweeners movie coming your way next Summer. We can't tell you anything else right at this minute other than that Jay, Will, Simon and Neil are back and it's DEFINITELY happening.

“As soon as there's more info, we'll post it here like a sort of online golden easel outside Buckingham Palace. We're all very excited about working together and the film should hit cinemas early August 2014.

"Thanks for the continued support, we honestly wouldn't be doing this if we didn't feel the amazing support from you guys. We couldn't just leave it with the last words of The Inbetweeners being 'Oooh, I think I've shit myself'!”

The show’s creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley said: "A new chapter in the lives of The Inbetweeners feels like the very least we can do to thank the fans for their phenomenal response to the first movie.”

The producers have confirmed Australia is one of the destinations the crew are considering as a location for the next film. After the lads reaped havoc in Crete, get ready for some more sun, sea- and possibly still no sex.