Interstellar star Jessica Chastain blocked from promoting A Most Violent Year in publicity clash

The actress is reportedly tied solely to Christopher Nolan's film until December

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Jessica Chastain has been stopped from promoting her upcoming film A Most Violent Year by Interstellar filmmakers, reports suggest.

It is believed that the Oscar-nominated actress, 37, must focus solely on Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic until early December.

Chastain is blocked from attending press conferences and screenings for indie crime drama A Most Violent Year until she has fulfilled her contract with Interstellar, released in UK cinemas today.

Earlier this week, Chastain told the New York Times that she "never comments about contracts or salary", adding that Nolan had recently permitted her to attend A Most Violent Year's premiere instead of a scheduled TV appearance for Interstellar.

"We all put our heads together and do what we can," she said.

Set in New York in 1981, A Most Violent Year stars Chastain as the fierce mob-linked wife of an ambitious entrepreneur, played by Oscar Isaac. The film is due for UK release on 23 January.

In Interstellar, Chastain plays Murph, the astrophysicist daughter of Matthew McConaughey's astronaut Cooper.


The two films have vastly differing budgets – A Most Violent Year reportedly cost around $20 million to make while Interstellar cost approximately $165 million and has a large advertising budget.

Jessica Chastain as Anna Morales in A Most Violent Year

Like many high profile actresses, Chastain has had to juggle films before. In 2011, she starred in six, including The Tree of Life and The Help.

Chastain's representatives are yet to respond to a request for comment on the reports.