Iron Man 3 makes $13.2m in first day at international box office


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Iron Man 3 may only have been released in the UK for 24 hours, but it already looks likely to set records judging by the film’s $13.2 million box office opening in 12 countries.

The sequel, starring Robert Downey Jr, received the highest box office opening of all time in the Philippines and Taiwan, pulling in $1.5 million and $1.4million respectively.

In Australia, Iron Man 3 was the third most successful superhero box office opening ever after Avengers (2012) and The Dark Night (2008). The film also received the biggest box office opening of the year in Italy with $2.1 million.

Iron Man 3 is being released outside of the US before its debut in America on 3 May, similar to Iron Man 2, which received around $100 million when it first opened around the world.

By Sunday 28 April the film will be playing in 80 per cent of countries, minus North America, China and Russia.

Iron Man 3 will be released in China on 3 May. Marvel and Disney studios have high hopes that the film, which has been partly shot in China, will be able to break China’s growing film market.

Disney chose to launch the international promotional campaign for the film in Beijing’s Forbidden City, making it the first time a Hollywood film has ever been celebrated inside the Chinese capital’s forbidden palace.

The production company has also created a special edit of the film to appeal to Chinese viewers, which will highlight Chinese actors and include additional Chinese footage.