Iron Man 3 premiere: Robert Downey Jr will return for Iron Man 4 says director


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Robert Downey Jr will return for Iron Man 4, according to director Shane Black.

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Speaking at the London premiere of Iron Man 3 in Leicester Square, Black told The Evening Standard: “I think he’ll be back for another one. I’m sure of it.”

The actor is yet to sign up to Iron Man 4, prompting rumours that he may be quitting the film franchise.

Downey Jr was joined on the red carpet by his co-stars Rebecca Hall, Don Cheadle, Drew Pearce, Shane Black and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Kingsley called Downey’s performance in the title role “wonderful”, saying “[it has a] sense of performance, you have the iron suit and the man inside it. Which is which? Which is the more powerful? Is it the guy inside the suit, or the suit itself?”

The comment comes after co-star Gwyneth Paltrow recently called Downey Jr a “wimp” due to the amount of mental preparation it takes him to put on his cumbersome costume.

Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts in the film, did not attend the premiere as she was at the Tiffany & Co Blue Book Ball in New York.

Other stars in attendance included former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and Les Miserables star Samantha Barks.