Jurassic World 2: Bryce Dallas Howard explains how Claire's new shoes represent her story arc

'Her armour of sorts was that white, pristine outfit with heels in a very corporate environment'

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Remember in Jurassic World - last year’s second biggest film - there was a scene where Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire was running away from a T-Rex while carrying a red flair? The one where she’s wearing a ridiculous pair of high heels?

Well, at the time there was a slight feminist outcry, with many questioning the studio’s choice to make Howard run in the shoes when she could have easily taken them off and pegged it without the risk of tripping.

The actress defended the choice after the film's release, saying it was illogical for Claire to be carrying heals as she never expected to be in the jungle, let alone running from a killer dinosaur. 

When speaking to E! recently, Howard was once more questioned about the heels and whether they would be in Jurassic World 2. Ready for the question, she managed to explain how the new shoes won't just be different, they also represent her character’s story arc.


Claire's heels

“Claire is a different person now. You know, the person she is at the end of the movie is not the person she was in the beginning. 

“Her armour of sorts was that white, pristine outfit with heels in a very corporate environment and stuff, and the chick at the end… totally different. So yeah… its better not be heels.”

Fans can look forward to seeing Claire in some seriously hefty boots when Jurassic World 2 reaches cinemas on 22 June 2018.