Jurassic World refutes scientific criticism in scene about why its dinosaurs lack feathers

Paleontologists have been complaining about inaccuracies in the blockbuster

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Criticism from paleontologists about scientific inaccuracies in Jurassic World has been explained away in a crucial scene in the movie.

Director Colin Trevorrow came under fire after the film's first trailer unveiled dinosaurs without the feathers modern research believes they had.

Zoologists complained that dinosaurs are now believed to have been "active, social, bird-like animals with dynamic bodies" rather than the "roaring, scaly monsters" presented in the "dumb" Jurassic World.

But now this controversy has been dealt with expertly by filmmakers who seem to have anticipated this backlash, according to RadioTimes.com.

One of many heated conversations in the movie sees doctor Wu point out that as the dinosaurs are hybrids, with DNA from other creatures "filling the gaps", they do not look and behave as expected.

Wu created the genetically-modified Indominus Rex that escapes and wrecks havoc in the new theme park, causing all sorts of trouble for lead stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, so it's probably worth trusting him on this one.

Jurassic World is released in UK cinemas tomorrow.