Jurassic World roars past The Avengers's box office record to become third biggest film ever

Jurassic World has just inched The Avengers' $1.52bn

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Jurassic World has roared ahead of The Avengers to become the third highest grossing movie in film history.

The dinosaur reboot, which has taken $1.52 billion in ticket sales, now stands behind only Avatar and Titanic’s impressive box office haul.

The news will come as no surprise to fans of the Nineties film franchise, which overtook The Avengers’ box office record to score the biggest opening weekend in history last month.

Starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Jurassic World follows the fate of two nephews who visit their high powered aunt who works at the world’s only dinosaur theme park, where real dinosaurs roam the island.

When DNA engineers go a step too far to create a dangerous dinosaur that could wipe out the island (no thanks to greedy corporate sponsorship), Chris Pratt’s dinosaur handler character Owen saves the day.

The box office success marks the second time film studio Universal has had a picture in the top five highest grossing movies of all time this year, after Fast and Furious 7 entered the list at number five.


The top 5 highest grossing films of all time

1. Avatar - $2.79

2. Titanic - $2.19

3. Jurassic World - $1.52+

4. The Avengers - $1.52

5. Furious 7 - $1.51