Jurassic World sequel: Chris Pratt confirms he's signed on for at least one more movie

'They have me I think for 38 movies or something'

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Palaeontologists could be disagreeing about the scientific accuracy of Jurassic World’s dinosaurs for years to come.

Chris Pratt, who stars in the anticipated Jurassic Park sequel as park ranger Owen, has let slip that he has been contracted to another Jurassic film – and potentially many more. 

When asked in an interview with Entertainment Weekly whether he has signed on for another Jurassic sequel, he said: “I am. They have me I think for 38 movies or something.”

Jurassic World has had a strong weekend opening and is on track to make $200m at the US box in its first three days of release, making it the second biggest US opening of all time behind The Avengers.

The film’s box office success is likely to put it in pole position for a green-lighted sequel, given Hollywood’s reliance on remaking already established movie franchises to bring in revenue.

The cast’s younger actors Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins have said they hope Jurassic World 2 is in the works but have not heard anything about it yet.

“I would be willing to do 50,000 more Jurassic Parks, but no one has talked to me about Jurassic World 2. But yes, as I said, I would be very open to doing it,” Simpkins told Cinema Blend.

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