Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard wants to play Captain Marvel in upcoming film

'I just would love to be in a Marvel film'

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Bryce Dallas Howard has starred in some major franchise over the last few years – Jurassic World, Twilight, Terminator, Spider-Man – but that hasn’t stopped her wanting to appear in one more.

The 34-year-old recently revealed that she would be interested in playing a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie named after the superhero.

Speaking to Cinema Blend, she said in response to being asked if she would be interested in playing the character: “That would be rad. Those movies are so fantastic, because talk about just these incredibly drawn characters!

“That’s the joy of the comics, is that you fall in love with these characters and it’s who they are that carries you from journey to journey to journey… it’s not just about set pieces. It’s really about who these people are, and so, yes, I just would love to be in a Marvel film.”

Bryce Dallas Howard stars in Jurassic World

Marvel have often been criticised for not having many female characters in their films. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow has often been praised for being an excellent character, but was called a slut by co-stars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner while promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Evans said in a statement after the controversy broke: “We answered in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some fans. I regret it and sincerely apologise.”

Disney, the owners of Marvel Entertainment, have also been criticised for releasing a lack of female superhero merchandise in the run up to their films.

The company are, however, branching out as the Captain Marvel film will revolve around the female superhero. However, you’ll have to wait until November 2018 for that film to actually hit cinemas.