Jurassic World: Zookeepers reenact the Chris Pratt raptor scene with a bizarre range of animals and the results are brilliant

Forget the Idominus Rex - this is what nightmares are made of

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If you have already been to see record-breaking blockbuster Jurassic World, you will likely remember Chris Pratt saving the day with his raptor taming skills.

But what you might not have expected is for zookeepers and farmers to go all Owen Grady on us and start performing their own takes on the memorable scene.

Whoever said that otters, giraffes, cows, stingrays and err, snails, couldn't rival the Indominus Rex in the fear factor stakes?

The #jurassiczoo and #jurassiczookeeper hashtags sprung up earlier this week and the submissions are so ridiculous they're brilliant. Pratt had better watch his back if he wants to keep the lead role in the confirmed sequel.

Here is our pick of just a few favourites:

From the genuinely impressive...

...to the cute...

...and the just plain silly

Jurassic World stomped through the global box office to score the highest-grossing worldwide debut of all-time last weekend, taking a massive $511 million.


Colin Trevorrow's movie focuses on the chaos that ensues when a giant genetically-modified monster escapes from captivity at a dinosaur theme park.