Just a young Dwayne Johnson rocking a pink suit next to his dad

'He's lookin' like a straight G and I'm lookin' like a 6yr old girl'

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The Johnson family photo album is a veritable treasure trove, having first thrown up that incredible photo of The Rock wearing a fanny pack in the 90s - an image so popular he ended up having to explain it on Jimmy Fallon - and now a pretty show-stopping snap of him with his WWE Hall of Fame wrestler father “Soulman” Rocky Johnson.

Surfacing in October, the image is doing the rounds again this week, and has now been viewed over one million times on Imgur.

The Rock is dwarfed by his dad in it, looking absolutely charming in a pink suit with red tie and studded collar.

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The wrestler-turned-actor was asked on Twitter whether it was real, to which he replied: “100% legit photo of me and my pops. He's lookin' like a straight G and I'm lookin' like a 6yr old girl.”

"My dad was a trailblazing bad dude in the game," Johnson recently said in a Facebook post. "Becoming the first African-American Champion in almost every pro-wrestling organization he wrestled in." 

In 2001 The Rock became a dad himself, and is currently expecting a second child with his current girlfriend Lauren Hashian.