Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel to start filming in April depending on Taron Egerton's schedule

Egerton has signed on to play the lead in upcoming Robin Hood reboot Origins around the same time

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Spy spoof movie Kingsman: The Secret Service won over the box office last year and now, shooting for a sequel has been scheduled to start next April.

Lead star Taron Egerton is contracted to appear, with Matthew Vaughn still busy writing the script. It remains unknown whether Vaughn will return as director or if another will sign on.

Fans will be excited to hear news of the follow-up, but should be warned that there could be a potential delay due to Egerton’s increasingly packed schedule. 

The Welsh actor, 25, is down to play Robin Hood in Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming Robin Hood: Origins. Filming begins in February and will likely not be completed by the spring. Reports suggest that studio Fox has power over Lionsgate to take Egerton when they need him, but it is hoped that negotiations will settle any conflicts that may arise from a clash. 

Jennifer Lawrence sparked a similar issue while working on franchises X-Men: Days of Futures Past and The Hunger Games, but a compromise was made and she was able to film both.

The first Kingsman movie grossed more than $400 million worldwide and also starred Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson.

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