Kirsten Dunst short film shows how weird selfie culture is prime for celebrities

"Are you Kirsten Dunst?"

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A new short film from Matthew Frost and starring Kirsten Dunst shows what taking a photo with a celebrity is like from the star's perspective (kind of depressing and hollow).

'Aspirational' sees two teens spot Dunst in the street and jump straight into asking her for a photo, without so much as a "hello" or a "I'm a huge fan".

The two-minute short both makes you feel a little sorry for celebrities, who have been reduced to simply Facebook photo opportunities, and makes you hope that the new trend at least helps keep their egos in check.

It came about after Dunst revealed herself to be a fan of Frost's most famous skit 'Fashion Film', which starred Lizzy Caplan and lampooned faux artsiness.

"I'm just trying to talk about things that make me laugh, little observations that I've seen happen or I feel could happen maybe," Frost told Vs. Magazine, which commissioned 'Aspirational'. "It's more about playing around within a tone that I like; everything is scripted but should never feel like it.

"Having these amazing actors involved helps a great deal. They make me look good."