Leonard Nimoy's son launches Kickstarter campaign to fund For the Love of Spock film

Adam Nimoy hopes to raise $600,000 to fund the project, which he began working on with his father before he passed away

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Leonard Nimoy’s son has appealed to Star Trek fans to raise $600,000 to fund a documentary about Mr Spock and the life of his late father.

Adam Nimoy had discussed making the film with his father, who “was 100% committed” to collaborating on the project to mark the 50th anniversary of Star: Trek: The Original Series, before he passed away in February

The documentary, For the Love of Spock, will pay tribute to Mr Spock as well as exploring “the incredible career and artistry” of Leonard Nimoy.

On the film’s Kickstarter page, Adam Nimoy says he plans to “inject some of my own perspective on what it was like growing up with Mr Spock in the house” into the film, following the outpouring of tributes from thousands of fans worldwide after Leonard Nimoy’s death.

“This film was originally conceived as a tribute to Mr Spock to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original series,” he writes.

“Now, with Dad's passing on February 27th, the film will also explore the incredible career and artistry of Leonard Nimoy. But what has become increasingly apparent as I continue to work on this project is that it's also a personal journey.”

Pre-production on the documentary has already begun, with Leonard Nimoy’s Spock replacement Zachary Quinto signed up to narrate the film.

The $600,000 will go towards liscensing photographs and footage to make the project, licensing the use of Star Trek music for the soundtrack, and hiring a sound editor.

Rewards for backers include signed cast photographs, limited edition Leonard Nimoy autographs, and - for one Star Trek fan with $10,000 spare - the chance to be credited as an associate producer on the film.

The film will be released in mid to late 2016 if the project reaches its crowdfunding goal.