Locke trailer: First look at Tom Hardy's entirely in-car film

Like Tom Hardy? Like the interior of BMWs? This one is for you

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The first trailer for Locke has dropped, a film which takes place in the car of Tom Hardy's lead character Ivan Locke.

Scroll down for the trailer

Tension licks the trailer like the tyres lick the tarmac, with Ivan becoming slowly more frantic as he receives a string of phone calls while driving.

The film was written and directed by Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things director Steven Knight, with Hardy playing a Welsh building site manager driving across the UK.

Olivia Coleman, Andrew Scott and Ruth Wilson are among the voice cast, making calls to Locke as he travels.

Perhaps the best known movie to follow a similar 'takes place all in the same location' model was Phone Booth, which saw Colin Farrell's character on the phone to a sniper played by Kiefer Sutherland for most of the film.

Hardy previously worked with director Knight on British crime drama Peaky Blinders.

Locke is due to open in UK cinemas on April 18, 2014.