Logan director James Mangold 'working on' black and white version of movie

Following in the footsteps of George Miller with Mad Max: Fury Road

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Hugh Jackman final outing as Wolverine - Logan - has been receiving unanimous praise across the board, reviewers calling his best superhero outing yet.

Many fans have pointed out that a black and white version would look incredible, pointing out how Mad Max: Fury Road was made even grittier for the Chrome edition.

Director James Mangold has seemingly confirmed that a black and white version is on the way, Tweeting to fans that he’s ‘working on it’. 

Before the film was released, Mangold revealed numerous black and white stills from the film, each looking adequately cinematic. 

Meanwhile, Sir Patrick Stewart recently revealed to The Independent that Logan will likely be his last outing as Professor X. 

"Hugh was sitting next to me, with James [Mangold] on the other side of him,” he said. “And the audience were clearly very caught up in it and that was satisfying. 

“It got into the last five or six minutes of the movie and Hugh's hand came over and he took mine and he squeezed my hand. He looked at me and he had big tears and, of course, that set me off. Here we are, the two X-Men wiping away the tears at our own movie! 

“And then I thought while we were watching, 'My God, this is a goodbye ending. What could I possibly do that could top this? As I've lived with that idea over the past few days, I thought: 'Yeah, it's absolutely right that we should both of us just move on now.' The franchise won't die [without us].” Listen to the full interview here.