Logan had the biggest opening weekend of the year so far at the US box office, beating The Lego Batman Movie

The film took £69.6 million in the US and £9.3 million in the UK

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Over the weekend, the highly anticipated third Wolverine outing Logan reached cinemas, marking Fox’s second R-Rated superhero release following Deadpool.

Thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews and fan response, the Hugh Jackman-starring flick has already grossed $237.8 million (£193.9 million) around the world, including $11.4 million (£9.3 million) in the UK and $85.3 million (£69.6 million) according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Surprisingly, the film has done particularly well in China, taking $46.2 million (£37.7 million) and beating Warner Bros. The Lego Batman Movie, which took just $3.6 million (£2.9 million).

While falling short of Deadpool’s opening weekend - $132.4 million (£108 million) in the US alone - the huge box-office taking marks the biggest domestic opening of the year so far.

 "Jim [Mangold, director] and Hugh perfectly executed the movie they wanted to make," Chris Aronson of Fox, the studio behind Logan, said. "It is a very personal and visceral story for the character, which contemplates mortality.”

Logan now has the fifth-biggest debut for an R-rated in the US, unseating Fifty Shades of Grey but falling behind Deadpool, Matrix Reloaded, American Sniper and the second Hangover film.

Meanwhile, in second place at the US box office is Get Out, the much-hyped horror that has won rave reviews across the board. The film only dropped 22% weekend-to-weekend, a remarkably strong figure for any film.

Logan is currently in UK cinemas while Get Out reaches out shores 17 March.