Logan: Sir Patrick Stewart reveals the best scene was improvised

He's going to ask James Mangold to put the unedited nine minutes onto the Blu-ray

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Logan, Hugh Jackman's final outing as mutant Wolverine, has been impressing critics and audiences alike since it was released last week with many convinced it's probably the best film set in the X-Men universe.

The film is comprised of several standout moments - one of which is the emotional ending - but Sir Patrick Stewart, the actor behind franchise stalwart Professor Charles Xavier, has revealed that the film's best sequence is was improvised by him and co-star Jackman.

He told us: “There were occasions in one scene where [director] James Mangold said, ‘Just improvise’. It’s the scene where the family is talking about wanting to have a vacation and the kid says, ‘I’m ready to drop out of school,’ and Logan says something like, ‘Well you know, be careful what you say, because [Xavier] used to run a school.’ James said, ‘When you get to that moment, why don’t you talk about your history a little bit more? Fill it out with something. Whatever feels appropriate to you.’

"So we did an eight or nine-minute improvisation, Hugh and myself.“

While only one line of improvisation made it into the final cut, the British actor told us he was planning on speaking to Mangold about including the entire thing in an unedited version to be released on Blu-ray.   

“Only one line of that improvisation actually makes it into that scene. It was then that I realised that I really have a history. Again it’s not in the movie, but I talked about Jean Grey and what she meant to me. I’d never talked about this before and it was all coming out. 

“We loved it, it was terrific - and the [actors playing the] family were saying: ‘Where did all that stuff come from?’”

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