Luke Cage release date: Official Jessica Jones Twitter account hints when Marvel show will reach Netflix

'Alias Investigations, how can I help you?'

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones was a surprise critical success, winning over legions of Netflix users and quickly being renewed for a second series.

However, before the follow-up reaches Netflix, Marvel has at least two other releases to get out the way first: Daredevil season two, and Luke Cage.

Matt Murdock’s show will return to the streaming service on 18 March and will feature a new adversary, The Punisher, who is also rumoured to get a spin-off show.

Then, sometime this year, Luke Cage will be made available, we just don’t know when. Or do we? The official Jessica Jones Twitter account has released a teaser image showing a file with the words ‘Luke Cage - November’.

While this is no confirmation, it is a pretty clear hint that the show could very well be released in November. When you consider Jessica Jones was released the same month, it seems increasingly likely. 

Of course, fans have been reading a lot more into the image than just seeing a release date.

The file could imply that Cage is one of Jones’s clients in season two, with the pair perhaps linking up again as they did in Jessica Jones season one. Or, perhaps she will feature heavily in Luke Cage as he employs her for detective purposes. 

What do you think of the Tweet? Just an image not linked to anything? A cute way of revealing Luke Cage’s release date? Or something much more? Netflix and Marvel are yet to confirm an official release date.

(H/T Uproxx)