Marilyn Manson is playing a Native American and the internet is confused

'I already had a mohawk'

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Emma Stone as an Asian fighter pilot in Aloha…Hugh Grant as a futuristic Korean slave owner in Cloud Atlas…Hollywood has a history of casting white actors in non-white roles for no apparent reason.

Another casting (at least at first glance) caused a mini scandal online today, after a trailer dropped for indie movie Let Me Make You A Martyr that sees notoriously alabaster-faced musician Marilyn Manson play a Native American hitman.

Manson - birth name Brian Hugh Warner - who previously acted in Sons of Anarchy, spoke with Rolling Stone about the movie.

‘Aside from taking delight in horrific surroundings, Manson also identified with another trait of his character: “I am part Indian,” he says. The singer adds that he did not know Pope was Native American when he took the role because the script didn’t specify it.

“I really didn’t have to change too much about myself physically. I already had just shaved my hair to a Mohawk and it’s black already, so without being stereotypical, that seems like the character would have that if he was part Indian. I think originally they had envisioned someone with long black hair.”’

Manson, born in Ohio, does actually have partial Sioux tribe heritage, but there are certainly more recognisably Native American actors out there, so the internet was still pretty p*ssed:

(HT Uproxx)