Marvel has a big fan in Star Wars 7's John Boyega: 'I'm dam right aiming for a role'

The British actor made a series of jokes on Twitter in response to speculation

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British actor John Boyega has made his ambitions clear in a tweet hinting at Marvel that he fancies a role in one of their movies.

The Star Wars 7 star had responded to the studio’s announcement last week that there would be a black Captain America.

“There is no need to emphasis the ‘black’ man,” he wrote, before quipping that he has “issues with the lack of roles for raccoons and talking trees” so is grateful for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Boyega’s interaction with Marvel’s news sparked rumours that he was after a part himself, to which he responded, “I’m dam right aiming for it.”

The 22-year-old then joked that he was “currently booking a flight to Wakanda”, Marvel’s fictional African country where the Black Panther lives.

Speculation is rife over Marvel’s forthcoming revelations at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend. The studio hosts a panel on Saturday evening and fans are expecting exciting things.


Disney confirmed the release dates for a series of Marvel movies through to 2019 earlier this week.

Two movies will hit cinemas in 2017 with another two due out in 2018 and one coming in 2019.