Meg Ryan coached for When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene by male director Rob Reiner

Ryan's first nervous attempts at the famous movie scene were a 'little tepid'

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Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm in Eighties rom-com When Harry Met Sally is among the most memorable movie scenes ever. But, as it turns out, the actress enlisted help faking female pleasure - from a man.

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Director Rob Reiner has revealed that Ryan was “nervous” on set in front of extras and crew members. So, he stepped in to give her tips on how to do a realistic impression of sexual climax.

When Harry insists that no woman has ever had to fake enjoyment with him, Sally sets out to prove that he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, in the middle of a packed diner.

“The first few times we did it, (Ryan) did it kind of weak,” Reiner told The Huffington Post. “It was a little tepid. I said: ‘Look, let me show you want I want’ after a few takes that weren’t so good.

“I sat down opposite Billy (Crystal, who played Harry) and I’m sitting there and I’m pounding the table and going yes, yes, yes - I’m doing the whole thing. Meg then did way better.”

Reiner then felt embarrassed as he remembered that his mother was present during the rehearsal. It was she whom uttered the famous line: ‘I’ll have what she’s having’.


The classic 1989 movie that asked the timeless question - can men and women really ever just be best friends? - will celebrate its 25th anniversary on 14 July.