Michael B. Jordan to star in The Thomas Crown Affair remake

Jordan will star in a second remake of the 1968 film, previously retooled with Pierce Brosnan in the lead role

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Michael B. Jordan has recovered from that disastrous Fantastic Four reboot in the very best way. 

Fresh off the success of his critically-acclaimed turn in Creed, and a promise he'll star in its sequel; Jordan has now signed on for the lead in a third version of The Thomas Crown Affair

It's a film first birthed in 1968 with Steve McQueen in the starring role, and later remade with Pierce Brosnan in 1999; meaning one could be lead to feel the burn of the remake machine here.

Yet, it's seemingly a property not well known enough for the fatigue to really settle in; the 1968 project was lost within McQueen's star image, and the 1999 version largely dismissed as a cash-in on Brosnan's Bond image. 

THR now reports MGM has launched the project as a vehicle for Jordan's own rising star, with insiders claiming it was the actor himself who originally pitched the idea of a remake to studio executives; no writers or directors have yet become attached. 

The original story follows the adventures of a debonair, playboy businessman who pulls off multi-million dollar art heists as a form of idle entertainment; leading him to cross paths, and develop romantic intrigue, with the insurance investigator sent to track him down. 

There's been no word yet on who will play the female lead, consecutively played by Faye Dunaway and Rene Russo.